10 Amazing Entry Doors From ALDA

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Entry doors are an important aspect of your home’s appearance. A beautiful entry door can really increase the curb appeal of your house. Not only are our entry doors stylish, they also provide security and durability. Here at ALDA Windows and Doors, we can help you pick the perfect door to match your home, with doors that are energy efficient, built to last, and custom-built in Canada. Check out these 10 beautiful door installations from our team to get inspiration for your home:

This beautiful 2-door entrance really brought the front of the home together. With 2 large glass inserts, this door is not only attractive, but it is energy efficient. If you`re looking for a simple but eye-catching door that lets the light shine in, this door is the perfect fit for you.

Brown double steel door
SD – 038


This next door is a beautiful match to the front of this home. The grey colour compliments the light colour of the bricks perfectly. The large designed glass pane adds a stylish touch to the front appearance of the home, and helps brighten up the interior of the home by allowing the sun to shine through.

Creative blue modern steel door
SD – 048


This absolutely stunning steel entry door is a beautiful addition to the home. The white colour and the design on the windows contrast perfectly together, as well as matches the light grey colour of the bricks and stones. This door was really able to pull the entire front of the house together.

Traditional white steel door
SD – 42

This modern style entry-door really accents the front of this home with it’s beautiful navy blue colour. The colour of the door handles as well as the design of the glass windows work perfectly to bring the look of the entire entrance together. Working beautifully with the big bright windows around the home and the bushes at the front, this door shows us just how important your front door is to the overall appearance of your home.

Traditional blue steel door
SD – 069

This beautiful traditional door is the first thing you notice when you look at this house. The colour and design of the door matches perfectly with the 2 lights in the entranceway. The sidelights allow for a beautiful look from the front of the house, and light to shine into the interior of the house, while keeping a solid door.

A black fiberglass door with decorative glass
FD – 012

This modern style door adds a perfect pop of colour to the front of this home. The one narrow sidelight allows just a little bit of sun to shine through, for people who aren’t fond of too much bright light, and adds a nice touch to the overall look of the door. This solid-colour door with panelling detail and one long handle creates a very modern feel to this home. The deep blue colour catches the eye and looks beautiful.

Modern blue steel door with glass 4
SD – 050

This simple but beautiful door is the perfect addition if you are looking for an elegant modern look to the front of your home. The two large sidelights allows the sun to shine into the interior of this house as well as adding simple eye-catching detail to the entrance. The solid dark-brown colour works well with any colour of brick or stone, making it an ideal choice for any home.

Black entry door
SD – 018

This absolutely stunning door is a beautiful choice for a modern style home. The bright red is eye-catching and will help bring out the colour of the bricks and other colours at the entrance. The glass insert and sidelight are beautifully detailed, bringing the entire look of the door together. Not only is this door beautiful, but it only took 1 day to install!

Modern red steel door
SD – 068

This door is easily one of our favourites. The beautiful dark brown colour and the wood stain design is an absolutely beautiful look for any front or back door. The design adds a special touch to the overall look of the door, allowing for an extremely stunning entrance to their home. The light coloured bricks of this house really help to bring out the beauty of this simple but elegant entry door.

A dark wood-style fiberglass door with two inserts
FD – 022

And last but certainly not least, we have this gorgeous entry door. This 3 panel door with small sidelights on either side is very simple but elegant. The sidelights are energy efficient by allowing sunlight to shine inside the home, and the grey colour matches well with most colours of brick. This door is a beautiful addition to the entry of this home.

Traditional black steel door
SD – 067

See something you like? If you are in the market to upgrade your home’s entry door and you like the doors you saw in this article, then we invite you to get in touch with us today. We have an impressive selection of steel entry doors and fiberglass entry doors for you to choose from.. When you are ready to upgrade your doors, then give us a call at (416) 807-4242.