5 Maintenance Tips for Your Front Doors in Winter

Front door maintenance for winter season.

On a cold winter night nothing is more comfortable than relaxing by the fireplace while snuggled up in your favorite blanket. Staying warm and toasty is a main priority for a lot of people during those cold winter months. Their home is their hideaway from the howling winds of old man winter.

If you notice a draft during the wintertime there is a good chance that it could be coming from your door. Did you know that there are easy ways for you to take care of your door to ensure that it is ready to keep the cold weather out?

How To Prepare Your Door For Winter

With these 5 tips you should be able to prepare your door for those brisk winter days. Once you turn the heat on it will stay inside, while the cold air remains outdoors!

Tip #1: Check For Leaks

Check both the inside and outside of all entry doors for leaks. A good way to check this is by looking at your door when it’s closed when the sun’s up. If you see the light shining through the bottom, peak, or sides of the frame, then you have a leak. When it gets dark you can take a flashlight and look for smaller leaks.

Another way you can check for leaks is by getting your hands wet and passing them over any area where you believe there is an issue. If you feel dampness anywhere then that is an area of concern.

Tip #2: Check For Exterior Damages

Do an inspection of your door’s exterior and take note of any damage or weathered areas. Knowing what areas need attention and addressing them before things start to freeze can save you a lot of money on your heating bills over the winter.

Tip #3: Weatherize Your Doors

Now that you know where your leaks and damages are, it’s time to start repairing them. This can be done on your own and shouldn’t cost much money. You will want to make sure your door has a good sealing to keep it weatherized.

Use caulking to fill in any cracks and small gaps. Another thing you should do is replace the bottom sweeper in the doorway. Look for one with a rubber or plastic weather resistant piece to ensure it has a good seal.

For extra measures or tips, you can check our ultimate guide here.

Tip #4: No More Screen Doors

Do you have screen doors in front of the main door to any of your home’s entryways? If you do, do you notice a draft during winter? To keep the cold air out it is a good idea to replace those screen doors with storm doors. This will add some extra insulation for the cold months.

Tip #5: Tie Up The Loose Ends

The last thing you should do is evaluate all of the door’s workings. Check all of the screws and make sure they have been tightened. Listen for any squeaks because they could indicate a problem arising.

Another thing you should do is make sure the door fits securely in the frame. When it gets hot in the summer, doors tend to swell and start sticking. Once winter comes around they go back to normal, but there are gaps left in the frame. If it gets really bad, you may need to replace the door.

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