How to Choose the Right Entrance Door For Your Home

Choosing right entry door for your home

When shopping around for a new entrance door for your home, you will be faced with a wide variety of options. Other than colour and style, homeowners also need to decide on the kind of material they would like. It should go without saying that different materials come at different prices and quality is most certainly factored into the price. Before looking at designs and focusing on aesthetics, you should compare steel, wooden and fiberglass doors to establish which one will suit your needs the best.

Wooden Entrance Door

There’s nothing quite like the beauty of a wooden door and the natural patterns that make you feel truly welcome. Wooden doors also give a home a sense of elegance and sophistication and, if the door is ever scratched, it can be repaired quite easily. Wooden doors are also warm to the touch. They are perfect for those who wish to maintain a particular style and for buildings of historic significance.

On the downside, a quality wood door will come at a higher price, and they do require regular maintenance. Wooden doors will likely fade, and they might peel, bubble or warp due to various weather conditions. They are also not as energy efficient as other types of doors.

Steel Entrance Door

Steel doors are tougher than most, and they don’t require much maintenance. They hold up better against the elements and won’t crack or bow. They aren’t as expensive as wood doors, and they offer a higher level of energy efficiency thanks to better insulation. Steel is also seen as a security feature in any home.

Some disadvantages include the fact that these doors can dent easily and, if scratched, they can start to rust. The paint might chip, and they conduct heat/cold. So, when it’s hot outside, the door will be warm or even hot to the touch. Likewise, in winter, it will get really cold.

Fiberglass Entrance Door

These doors don’t really have any disadvantages. In fact, they are often the top choice for homeowners seeking a practical front door that will last a lifetime. Fiberglass doors are known for being really low maintenance, and they hold up really well against dents and scratches. You can even get the best of both worlds by opting for a wood finish. So, enjoy the look of wood without having to pay more!

Your fiberglass doors will not rot, rust or deteriorate in any similar manner. You can even paint or stain them if you feel like they need to be freshened up. They offer far superior insulation than wooden doors, and they are also seen as a security feature. When choosing fiberglass doors, you can be sure that they won’t bow or warp which means that they will open and close perfectly.

It is important to remember that your front door is the first part of your home that will greet visitors. Consider how many times you enter and exit your home each day as well as how often you host guests. Your front door needs to be strong enough to withstand this kind of traffic while maintaining its beautiful appearance. Your interior doors need not be quite as resistant as your front door, and you can save space and energy by installing sliding patio doors too.

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