Brown Fiberglass Front Door Replacement

When the homeowners approached us for a fresh look to enhance their modern aesthetic, we embarked on a journey together. Our FREE Consultation provided a platform to understand their vision. We proposed a beautiful dark brown front door with two frosted sidelites and an elegant arched transom, perfectly aligning with their desire for timeless design and modern efficiency.

The door has following features:

old double door
new fiberglass door

Check out a Video from the Door Installation Below!

Disruption Free Entry Door Installation 

Our commitment to swift and expert installations was exemplified in this project. The tailored door was custom-made to perfection. The installation process was seamless, completing the transformation in just 2 hours. We take pride in our disruption-free approach, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our clients. This project in the heart of the GTA showcases our dedication to elevating homes, one door at a time. Ready to upgrade your entryway? Visit our showroom or call us today!

Dark brown fiberglass door installation