Save energy with proper windows and doors

Energy efficient windows and doors.

If you are considering installing new windows or doors, one of your primary concerns will most likely be energy saving. Windows and doors are designed to be attractive, but they also need to serve a purpose. Their aesthetic appeal and functionality should in no way compromise the energy efficiency of your home. In fact, your doors and windows should improve energy efficiency provided they meet certain criteria.

Quality materials

First, you will need to choose the right material. Windows are available in various materials including wood, vinyl, and different kinds of metal. While wood might look attractive and metal may seem like the toughest of all, vinyl windows are usually preferred. Not only are they durable and tough, but they also help lower your energy costs. They do not conduct heat in the way that metal does, and they won’t warp or become damaged like wooden frames.

As for your doors, you have the choice between several materials including steel, wood, and fibreglass. Wood is popular for those looking for a specific style and fibreglass is both tough and helps maintain the temperature of your home. Steel doors are also well-insulated to help keep energy costs low. They are also sought after for their strength, and there are many different glass options to choose from.

Coatings and everything in between

The type of glass used is extremely important when choosing windows for your home. Windows that have Low-E coatings allow light in while blocking the harmful rays of the sun. So, in other words, you still enjoy the benefits of natural light without the disadvantages of those damaging UV rays.

Between the glass sheets, argon gas is often added to help limit the loss of heat. Homeowners can choose between double and triple glazed units. Of course, the latter will offer optimal insulation and energy efficiency.

Proper positioning and size

When you install a window in your home, you need to consider its location. Do you want to enjoy the direct sun in the morning or afternoon? Place your window at just the right angle for optimal lighting throughout the day so that you don’t need to turn your lights on for the most part.

Size is also important when choosing windows and doors. A larger window will let in more light which means that you will require less artificial lighting. Similarly, if you add sidelights and transoms to your entry door, it will allow in additional light. Patio doors can also brighten up your home while adding a special touch of class.

Professional installation

If you want your doors and windows to help you save money each month, then it is essential that they are installed correctly. A professional installation will ensure that the job is done properly and that there are no gaps where air or water might pass through.


Proper and regular maintenance is important for all doors and windows in your home. Upon installation, your supplier should provide you with care instructions. Follow these instructions in order to avoid sacrificing your warranty and to ensure that your windows and doors last as long as they should. Conduct regular inspections (particularly around the change of seasons) and make sure that your windows and doors function properly and are not damaged in any way. By spotting any problems early, it makes them that much easier to resolve.

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