Advantages of Triple Glazed Windows For Your Home

Advantages of triple glazed windows.

When shopping for new windows for your home or business, energy efficiency is one of the most important factors. While you want your windows to look good, you also want them to do their job. Windows are not only for keeping potential intruders out, but they are also there to keep the elements at bay. When your windows are able to keep the heat out in summer and the cold out in winter, this will help keep your monthly energy bill as low as possible. If this is what you are looking for Triple Glazed Windows is the right one for you.

Evolution of Triple Glazed Windows

Years ago, windows only had a single pane. This meant that the temperature outside was directly transferred inside. In other words, when it was cold outside, the window would get very cold, and this would affect the temperature inside the room. In turn, the heating system in the room will need to work that much harder to keep the room warm. Over time, various developments were made, and windows with double-pane glass became increasingly popular for a number of reasons.

The two panes of glass meant that the exterior pane had to cool down or heat up enough to heat the air space between the two panes before it could affect the temperature of the interior pane. In winter, for example, the interior pane is actively heated by the heating system inside which means that it is not easy to cool down. The air in between the two panes helps act as an extra barrier preventing the exterior temperature from affecting the interior pane of glass and thereby helping maintain a comfortable temperature inside.

Take this one step further and add another pane in between! Now there are two air chambers along with an extra pane of glass between the interior and exterior panes. Each element needs to be heated or cooled enough so that it can then affect the temperature of the next layer. With so many layers to contend with, this becomes increasingly difficult and thereby improves the energy efficiency of the room.

Apart from the energy-saving aspect of triple glazed windows, they also offer added security.

Now, instead of one or two panes, you have three panes in a single window unit. This adds to the strength and rigidity of the window making it that much harder to break. You will also enjoy better noise reduction thanks to the extra layer of glass. Triple glazed windows are particularly good news for those who want a quieter nursery or if you live near high traffic or busy areas.

When shopping around for triple glazed windows for your home or office, make sure that you ask your window supplier if they add argon gas between the panels. This gas helps slow the transfer of heat and cold which makes your windows even more efficient. You should also ask about Low-E glass and make sure that the window sash will support the triple glazed window. These windows are somewhat heavier than other windows which is why they require some extra support.

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