How Transoms Improve The Look of Fiberglass Doors

How transoms improve fiberglass doors.

Your front door plays a big role in determining your curb appeal. As a central point of entry and exit, the appearance of the door matters just as much as how cohesive it looks with the rest of your property. In addition to the aesthetics, the structure of the door is equally important.

Ideally, you want a gorgeous door that is strong enough to protect your home against intruders as well as against the forces of nature. Fiberglass doors are the perfect example of just that. Made with fiber-reinforced polymer and covered with an artificial grain – with these doors, the options are endless. Furthermore, they have a core of rigid insulation that not only protects you from the outdoor climate, it also acts like a soundproofing barrier.

A sturdy door like that, with a plethora of styles that work with all kinds of home, already makes for great curb appeal. However, there are ways to further enhance the look of fiberglass doors.

About Transoms

Enter transoms: framed panels that are placed above entry doors. Originated in 14th century Europe, transoms were initially used as a means of ventilation as well as the possibility of catching a glimpse of the sky without prying eyes looking in. While they fell out of fashion in the later years, people are now realizing their full potential.

Modern transom windows are now used for purely decorative purposes. This is not to say some don’t offer ventilation options – however, these days that isn’t a requirement. The main purpose is to allow in light from the top, which can brighten your entry hallway.

Transom windows range in height, from a couple of inches to feet, and the width typically spans the door and any additional sidelights you may have. Beyond being used to complement a home’s architectural style, transoms can still be a practical investment. For example, by selecting a Low-E glass you can make them energy efficient.

Operable exterior transoms are less popular due to weather and insect concerns these days. Technological advancement, though, has found a solution to that problem. With motorized models, you can open and close transoms via a wall-mounted control panel. Some higher-end models come with moisture sensors that automatically close the window if it begins to rain. Also, if you’re not a fan of plain windows, grills or decorative glass can be applied instead. So whatever your preference, transoms have it all covered.

If you’re looking to enhance your entry door, and elevate your curb appeal, ALDA Windows and Doors can help. Not only do we have a wide selection of fiberglass doors, we can provide you with transoms that will fit any aesthetic. With many years of experience in the industry as well as a solid reputation, we are the optimal choice. Simply give us a call at (416) 807-4242 for a free estimate today!